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Monday, September 28, 2015

Ideas on Accelerating the SDGs using Technology and Innovation

Recently I was invited to present at an UNDP organized forum on the day of the launch of the new SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) to talk on how technology and innovation can make a different. The presentation is given below and key points that is contained:

  • IPAT equation and how technology can contribute to reduce T (emissions/consumption) but also A (consumption/person) through social engagement
  • Also noted that we need to connect the dots from the 18 SDGs and the many 169 Targets to simple day to days actions individuals can perform
  • My idea for engagement was to use a gamifiied Mobile experience similar to Nike Fuel at different levels from kids (Plants vs Zombies experience). Possibly by planting a tree you can earn 2 SDG game points or by reducing energy consumption. Need to think through how you would validate it though.
  • Also we need to connect the dots to online purchase. Think if Amazon had some SDG ratings for the goods you were planning to purchase. Wouldn't knowing that the products were build by companies that thinks like "we do not test on animals", "no toxic materials used" validated by a 3rd party like the UN Global compact or similar

The presentation explains this in more detail (Slide 9-12)

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