Friday, June 27, 2014

Sahana Camp and IOTX Events

We had a great series of events at the IOTX ( with multiple events such as the Sahana Camp, OASIS CAP codefest, Sahana Training and ISCRAM. We had representatives from US Embassy, UNDP, Red Cross, IUCN, UNICEF, ICTA and World Vision interested in Sahana

Had an opportunity to recap the last 10 years of Sahana evolution at a keynote I provided. Given below are the master slides if you are interested in seeing how Sahana evolved to where it is today

Great team work from the Sahana community with participation from contributors who joined us in Sri Lanka from US, UK, Germany, New Zealand, India and Australia

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Chamindra de Silva has been working in the ICT industry for 20 years and he is presently a VP, Engineering working on FinTech/Banking based in London. After the Asian Tsunami in 2004 he got involved in Open Source source software, where it was applied for humanitarian response and lead the Sahana Disaster Management project that has been deployed to support disaster response around the world and won this Sri Lanka n innovation many international awards. He continues to be a Director on the Board of the Sahana Foundation. He is a graduate of Oxford University with a degree in Engineering and Computer Science.