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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ushahidi and Sahana will work closely together in disaster response

I had an opportunity to meet Juliana Rotich, Co-Founder and Program Director of Ushahidi during the III Congress in Spain and we had a great discussion on how Sahana and Ushahidi could collaborate more moving forward building from our strengths and partnering on disaster response. We had been collaborating recently during the Haiti Response. The way Ushahidi and Sahana organizes itself as projects are very similar based on Free and Open Source Source principles and we also even share the technology stack (PHP), thus integration would be quite easy. We have also arranged for our development teams to meet for an integration hackerton. Juliana also became a good friend and here we posing for that "formal" landmark handshake between Ushahidi and Sahana to pledge work closely together in disaster response.:-)